Charanga Sing

A fantastic teaching resource that encourages everyone to sing more!

Extensive research has shown the undeniably positive impact that singing has on emotional, physical and mental well-being. This is the reason why singing features so highly in music curricula and on educational agendas – as well as simply being a great thing to do!

Charanga Sing contains a growing bank of over 500 songs presented in a way that is intuitive to use whether by vocal specialists, confident singers or those just keen to encourage more singing every day.

There are songs for all occasions, all ages and all groupings from soloists to massed choirs. The repertoire covers a wide range of styles, cultures and purposes, with each one carefully picked to be included in the song bank.

Finding Songs

Finding the right song is easy. Use the categories such as age range or genre to highlight suitable material or the search engine to look for specific words, perhaps linking to work that you are doing in other areas of the curriculum.

A Wealth of Information

There is a wealth of information for each song, helping you to decide which one will work best. This information is clearly presented with a brief overview of the song appearing in the list view, such as age suitability, difficulty and genre, with further details listed under Song Info.

Opening the Song Info reveals teaching ideas, where else in the programme the song is found, musical guidance such as range, key and tempo, and much, much more.

Alongside the Song Info there are also quick links for listen, launch and star.

Quick Access to Your Favourite Songs

Whilst you are looking through the songs you can ‘star’ songs which will be useful for your teaching on a regular basis, or for specific projects. These will be added to your ‘My Resources’ allowing easy access whenever they are needed.

Singing Courses

Musitrax Sing 1 & 2

Musitrax Sing logo

A child-centred approach to music-teaching for younger children based on Kodály principles, using singing and singing games, with fun and learning through play at its heart.

For Younger Children

A bank of nursery rhymes, action songs, including many old favourites, and specially-written songs which are perfect for little voices.

Vocal Coach

A vocal health section all about taking care of the voice with fantastic body and vocal warm-ups, exercises and popular tongue twisters.

For Older Children

A wide range of unison and 2 or more part songs. Some are specially composed or traditional, many are new and very well-known from popular shows, musicals and pop artists – all ideal for encouraging every one of your pupils to sing.

Song Collections

There are lots of 2 or more part songs within the Song Collections which are ideal for older children and choirs. Many of these collections contain well-loved materials which will prove popular with everyone.

All Songs A-Z

Units of Work

Well-known Charanga Unit Songs

Charanga Songs

2-Part Well-known Songs

2-Part Film & Theatre Songs

Songs from Friday Afternoons

3-5 Part Songs of Today – Sing Out

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